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Why do Queenslanders experience more problems with their Septic Tanks

We get a lot of people from Queensland buying our products. So how is Queensland different from the rest of Australia when it comes to Septic Systems? Queensland has different weather patterns. There are three septic tank problems that really worry people - smells, overflows and drain field blockages. When they get rain, they get it in big batches and this can cause drain field flooding and tank overflows.  When there is a drought it can really effect things too. People use less water during this time which can leave the tank with a much thicker consistency of waste, which needs more bacteria to process. So as a Septic Tank owner, you aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong, it may be...

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How does bacteria in a septic tank work?

We were asked today a question we get asked quite often, so we thought we might answer it in detail.   "I guess in order to be able to talk about how a septic tank works we also have to cover what makes a septic tank not work. Back in the day, people would put roadkill and meat and all sorts of things in the septic to get the bacteria levels up and this helped break down the waste. Unfortunately, we have all sorts of things that go down the drain now that are more complex than they used to be and this stuffs up the bacteria levels and that's when you start getting troubles. Our sachets have over 60...

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We welcome MintX bags to the range

If your problem is pests getting into your garbage bags and scattering your rubbish around the yard or street, there is an answer.Bad smells from garbage bins don’t have to be endured.Leaking and untidy bins are a health hazardKeep the bin raiders away from your bins the easy way.Discover this proven way to keep mice, cockroaches, possums and other pests away from your bins. The results speak for themselves.Because these miracle bin liners are reusable several time over there is a cost saving. The soft aroma of mint instead of the odour of garbage makes a trip to the bin a pleasant experience instead of a bin it quick and get out of there!These revolutionary mint infused bin bags are...

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