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We create products to treat different types of waste with good bacteria without using harmful toxic chemicals.

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The teabag sized sachets of strong, good bacteria eat the waste and stop the smells.

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Biomaster now offers tanks for Water, Septics and Agriculture

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What is good bacteria and how does it stop smells and eat waste?

Bacteria are found everywhere. They can safely and efficiently digest waste and decrease odours. Give them water and food and they will multiply quickly but give them toxic chemicals and they'll die.

Some bacteria require oxygen (aerobic) to function and some will function only in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic). Facultative bacteria can function under both conditions.

A consortium of different strains and types of bacteria when carefully chosen and blended can act in harmony with great efficiency, like a classical orchestra. Biomaster products contain a mix (consortium) of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria.

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Septic Tanks - Bacteria for smelly septic tanksGrease Traps - Bacteria for blocked Grease TrapsDrains - For blocked drains leading to a smelly septic tankCompost Accelerator - Bacteria for CompostPet Waste - Make pet waste disappear

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