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Now is the time to turn your waste into nutritious compost

Usually composting is a long process that is a lesson in hard work and patience, two things that most kids (and adults) don’t have time for. Compost-It speeds the process up and creates great mulch for your plants. Let us show you some tips on how to get started in our video. Show your kids how to recycle green waste and maybe one day they will pass it on to the next generation.

Compost Accelerator with picture of compost

Learn how to boost your compost with bacteria

Compost Bin for Compost Accelerator
Compost It 2 pack Product for Compost Bin for Compost Accelerator

The Compost-It sachets help large compost heaps/bins work again

The 2-Pack performs best when dissolved in warm water in a watering can. If the garden/kitchen waste is fresh you can just water it as you add to the heap or tumbler.

If you have an old heap that isn't working, make some holes in the material/waste and then pour the Compost-It mix into the holes. This will then spread through the heap and activate the composting process.

Compost bin
Kitchen Compost Bin for Compost Accelerator
Compost It Spout Pouch Product for Compost Bin for Compost Accelerator

The Spout Pouch is great for the kitchen compost bin

The Spout Pouch has been designed to be easy to use and is great for sprinkling in your kitchen waste bucket. This can then be added to your compost heap when the bin fills up.  

The great thing about this is that your waste has already started activating before you put it into the compost bin or heap. The Spout Pouch can also be used on old heaps and tumblers to get them going.

compost bin third full
compost bin two thirds full
compost bin full

Compost-It is Safe for Worms

Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter
is the easy way to deal with kitchen waste.

Movable and easy to install, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter, when used with a compost accelerator (included), is the fast, easy, effective and efficient way to compost your kitchen scraps. Created using a 100% carbon-neutral production process from tough, durable, 100% recycled and UV protected material, Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to reduce waste without dealing with large and inconveniently located tumblers, bins or compost piles.

Lightweight and portable, it is suitable for any yard or courtyard where space is at a premium and is the most environmentally responsible method of dealing with food waste. The Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter will enrich your soil and attract worms to your garden. The Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter can easily be moved to add nutrition to different garden beds or areas as required. The worms come up from the soil beneath and the enzymes break down the food scraps from the top. Beautifully simple, really.

To install the Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter, you do not need to dig a hole. Mark the area of the base on the ground, slip the blade of your garden-spade about 6 inches into the soil, then push the unit into the grooves.

After adding kitchen scraps to the Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter, sprinkle a small amount of the compost accelerator (included) over the waste.


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