Grease Gone® 2-Pack - Grease Trap Treatment Product

Grease Gone® 2-Pack - Grease Trap Treatment Product


The Grease Gone® 2-Pack is the best solution for anyone wanting to get rid of the majority of the grease in their grease trap. It will eliminate any undesirable odours (of which grease traps have the worst) and will turn 75% of grease to water which will go out through the overflow. It is environmentally safe as it will actually digest common pollutants.

This product also keeps pipework clean, free flowing and smell free when poured down the drains at a time when least used. This will save you expensive call out fees from blockages.

We supply all types of businesses from Restaurants, Fish and Chip Shops, Supermarkets, Mining Companies and Manufacturers. 

Cares for the environment – chemical and poison FREE

Australian owned, made, tested, guaranteed