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Fix Blocked Drains - Safe for Your Septic Tank

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Unblock your drains so they can flow freely

It is not a good idea to have toxic chemicals around the house or flowing through our waterways, and it is for this reason Drain Power and Drain Clear are ahead of the pack. Both products utilise powerful good bacteria that eat through all the nasty stuff and get rid of the smell while being safe for the environment. Check out the video for more info.

Drain blockages and drain power products

Which drains are you wanting to treat?

Drain Clear for outdoor drain blockages
Drain Clear product for outdoor drain blockages in septic system

Use Drain Clear for outside drains

Drain Clear contains composting microorganisms (over 60 strains) that quickly and effectively deal with leaves and plant matter as well as sludge and organic build-up.
This product is used to unblock;
- Outside pipes and
- Outside drains
- Driveway gratings

Also great for
- Garden drip watering system
- Sprinkler irrigation
- Water reclamation systems
- Hydroponic set-ups
- Wastewater pipe intakes and outlets

Fast and effective.

Safe for the environment.

To Use Drain Clear:
Dissolve one of the convenient water soluble sachets in warm water and then pour into the problem area.

Bathroom with septic tank blockages
Drain Power for drain blockages in septic system

Drain Power for all household drains

Drain Power is designed to break down material most commonly used in the
- Kitchen
- Bathroom
- Laundry

The Drain Power bacteria is specifically designed to deal with toothpaste, soaps and shampoos as well as greasy or oily residues.

Use this product every 3 months to avoid costly and inconvenient emergency plumber call outs.

Simply dissolve one teabag sized water soluble sachet in warm water and then pour a cupful down each outlet or floor drain.

Drain Power keeps pipework
- Clean
- Free flowing
- Smell-free

Prevent future unexpected problems.


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